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Zisimou Distributions is a Greek company that undertakes the commercial representation of global and local brands. We are based in a strategic location near Bulgaria and Turkey in northeastern Greece, close to the city of Kavala. A second warehouse is also located in the city of Serres.

The story of the company begins at the early 20th century. Until 1922 its founder, Georgios Zisimou was active in the tobacco trade in Smyrna (Izmir) area during Ottoman period.

Activities then were transferred to the region of Kavala in Greece and included food trade and tobacco brokerage.

The next few decades brought geographic expansion of activities, and the company gradually became more specialized in the supply of public sector.

In 2008, exports to Far East countries began. At the same time, importing activity was developed from European and non-European countries.

In 2015, a logistics division was established. That same year Tasty Foods - PepsiCo trusted our company through a distribution agreement for products in an exclusive geographical area.

Zisimou Distributions is certified with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001. Special permission as tobacco importer and exporter is also granted.


Distribution within a network of 2500 points in northeastern Greece, operating a private fleet of various types of trucks for maximum flexibility

B2B and B2C sales through an online store that has autonomous warehouses and CRM

Creation, development and importing of original tobacco products and cigars with a distribution network throughout Greece

Digital and intangible sales division

Exports and imports from/to Greece

Official suppliers of public sector (army, schools, hospitals)

Exclusive distribution of Tasty Foods - PepsiCo products (Lays, Quaker,

Ferrero, Doritos, Lipton, Gatorade, etc)

Distribution of packaged bakery products (Panini SA)

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